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Perlage PerlApp Bianco Vino Spumante Extra Dry

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Winery: Perlage
Varietal: 80% Glera, 20% Incrocio Manzoni
Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Alc: 10.5%
Volume: 750 ml

Tasting Notes

Harmonic taste of green apple, persistent body, smooth and semi-sweet.


Fruity with flavours of green apple and field flowers.


Pale straw yellow.

Food Pairing Recommendations

Best as an aperitif paired with fresh and light finger foods. Perfect for parties!

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Introducing the Perlage PerlApp Spumante Extra Dry

Pale straw yellow with aromas of green apple and field flowers harmonic taste. Thin and elegant bubbles, persistent body, smooth and semi-sweet. This low alcohol, organic, innovative sparkling is created for partying!

PerlApp is a 100% organic and vegan certified wine. Perlage has taken special care and made an extra effort in the PerlApp Spumante Extra Dry’s packaging. It is bottled in a transparent, ultralight bottle wrapped in a single PVC sleeve. This setup makes it easy for consumers to separate the bottle for recycling purposes.

About Perlage

The Perlage winery is located in the town of Ferra di Soligo in the heart of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene area, home to the famous Prosecco region, in the northeastern Italy.

Perlage map

The vineyard property has been in the Nardi family for more than a century, when Giordano Nardi established an “Azienda Agricola” of vineyards, arable land and cattle breeding.

It was in 1985, when the 7 Nardi brothers, encouraged and assisted by their parents, Tizino and AFra, began converting the property to organic agriculture, and then in 2005 they began implementing biodynamic practices.

Ivo Nardi, the president and CEO, is a graduate in Agricultural Science from the University of Florence and Claudio Nardi vineyard manager, received his diploma in technical design.

Perlage’s organic cultivation is certified by CODEX S.R.L. and VEGAN V-Label-Eu, this guarantees the total absence of animal origin ingredients, including honey. Perlage presents the Superior Elegance of its organic and vegan Prosecco.


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